Cane & Rush Seats

The Little Shop offers a variety of approaches for repairing cane and rush,  Cane comes in many different woven patterns. The Little Shop provides replacement of all types. We also replace rush seats.

Cane seats or backs are woven of natural bamboo cut into strands (cane). “Open Weave” (meaning open with holes) is traditional and the most common.

Open pre-woven “sheet cane” is held in place by pressing a spline of wood into a groove cut in the wood surrounding the seat. It is glued in place providing a tight, long lasting fit.

Sheet cane and close-up photo

Sheet cane and close-up photo

Completed hand caned chair

Close-up picture of the hand caning

Open hand-woven caning requires weaving individual strands of cane through holes drilled in the surrounding wood frame.

Hand caned chair with cane removed

Close-up of the weaving holes – hand caned chair

Cane color can vary. Cane darkens naturally over time but can be stained and sealed to look aged or to match a preexisting cane section (chair seats usually wear faster than chair backs)

We cut a sample of the original cane in order to stain the new cane to match the old if you want.

Closed and Modern Weave patterns are increasingly common. Some are woven by hand while others can be replaced with pre-woven sheets. (See photos at bottom)

Closed Woven Seat

Danish weaver

Close-up of danish weave

Rush Seats
Rush seats are woven of a continuous twisted cord material. Traditional rush is hand-made, twisted cattail leaf or bulrush. The material most widely used today is a man-made craft paper cord. We provide traditional rush seat replacement, however the process is very time consuming and costly.

Herringbone Weave

Rush seat chair

Close-up of rush seat

The Little Shop repairs, restores and refinishes antique and contemporary wicker furniture such as sofas, settees, chairs, tables, stools and plant stands.

Samples of the many types of sheet cane available. (photos courtesy of Cane and Basket Supply Company, Los Angeles, CA.)

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