Furniture Repair

Turn to our repair experts when your furniture needs some upgrades. Our professional furniture repair experts are specialists in the field and have come to be relied upon by homeowners and business owners alike.

Furniture Repair for the Home

Accidents happen, especially in the home. When your child tears a hole in the couch or your dog spills a glass of milk on the sofa, you can feel comforted knowing that The Little Shop is there to help.

When your favorite piece of furniture has a rip, tear, or stain, it can change the way you look at it. It can also quickly ruin the appeal of the room. Don’t let that happen in your home, contact us today for furniture repair. (319) 338-6799 or

When it’s time to upgrade the look of a room, why not start first with your existing furniture? Sometimes just a simple furniture repair can change the way you feel about the room. Oftentimes, furniture repair is far less expensive than replacing an entire sofa, couch, or ottoman. Save money and the hassle of buying new when you invest in a furniture repair.

Furniture Repair for the Office

Furniture repair for the office is important. When you have a rip, torn, or damaged office chair or waiting room chair, it can be a deterrent for a potential customer that looks at your furniture and wonders how you can leave your office looking like a state a distress. Turn to us at The Little Shop for affordable commercial furniture repair. (319) 338-6799 or

Stop crying over spilled milk – contact The Little Shop when you need furniture repair fast! (319) 338-6799 or

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