Wood Furniture Refinishing

Homeowners or renters that occupy older homes often times prefer antique or vintage furnishings for the interior of these homes. Older furniture, although rich in history and character, has oftentimes taken a beating over the years. It has a tendency to appear weathered and dilapidated.

At The Little Shop Refinishing & Upholstering, we are passionate and energized about your wood furniture refinishing. Whether your family heirloom is just looking a little worn or you’ve just found a gem at a garage sale that needs a little restoration, The Little Shop is the right choice for your wood furniture refinishing. Refinishing your furniture can make it look brand new again while keeping its vintage character and look intact. And we don’t just refinish antique furniture! Sometimes a piece of wooden furniture just requires a different look in order for you to achieve the design look that you desire in your home. Update your piece and let us make it beautiful and just the way you want it for you.

Our wood furniture refinishing experts are meticulous in their craftsmanship and take care of each piece of furniture as if it was their very own. We provide many different types of finishing and our preparation process only uses hand-stripping methods in order to ensure the best care for your piece. Contact The Little Shop Refinishing & Upholstering today to find out more about our process and any special offers.

info@thelittlesopiowa.com, (319) 338-6799, www.thelittleshopiowa.com

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